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Proton x50 Red Color Review Kuala Lumpur

The Proton X50 is a popular car in Malaysia. According to a review by, Proton has really turned itself around as a company in the last few years thanks to foreign finances and a solid product line-up adapted for their market. The price of a new Proton X50 2022-2023 starts from 79200MYR.

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Proton x50’s Features & Benefits

Some pros of the Proton X50 include rear air-conditioning vents and USB charging ports, a comprehensive ADAS suite and safety features, good space for passengers, comfortable suspension that soaks up bumps nicely and smoothens out pockmarked roads quite well, as well as inspiring confidence in terms of road holding with good grip and stability at relatively higher speeds. The car also features Intelligent Cruise Control (ICC) which is part of its Level 2 autonomous driving systems that works with lane centring assist (steering assist) to help keep the car in its lane.

The Proton X50 can be compared with other cars such as its bigger sibling, the Proton X70. Size-wise, the X50 is smaller than the X70. At 4,330 mm long, 1,800 mm wide and 1,609 mm tall, it is 139 mm shorter, 31 mm narrower and 85 mm lower than its bigger sibling. Its wheelbase is also 70 mm shorter than that of the X70. The Proton X50 is priced at RM86,300 while the Proton X70 has a price tag of RM98,800.

The Proton X50 boasts a list of sophisticated features such as its contrasting colors creating a head-turning, stylish look, turbine-inspired design adding a dynamic touch, chromed exhaust tailpipes adding a sporty finish, full-color display highlighting the information you need at a glance, panoramic sunroof, and floating center console which is intelligently designed to offer additional storage space.

It also has advanced features such as Level 2 Autonomous Driving, an advanced infotainment system with voice recognition, self-parking, remote control, N95 Cabin filter, smart key fob, auto air-con system and auto rain-sensing front wipers.

Ultimately the choice between the two cars depends on your personal needs and preferences. If you’re looking for a compact SUV with advanced features at a competitive price then the Proton X50 might be the right choice for you.

Here’s why you should get Proton x50 over Proton x70

If you are looking for a compact SUV that offers great value, performance and features, you might want to consider the Proton x50. The Proton x50 is a smaller and lighter version of the Proton x70, but it does not compromise on quality or power. In fact, it has some advantages over its bigger sibling that make it a more attractive choice for many customers.

First of all, the Proton x50 has a new 1.5-litre turbocharged 3-cylinder engine that improves fuel economy and reduces emissions. It also has a dual-clutch transmission that provides smoother and faster gear shifts than the conventional automatic transmission in the Proton x70. The Proton x50 also has a sportier and more agile handling than the Proton x70, thanks to its smaller size and lower weight.

Secondly, the Proton x50 has a more modern and stylish design than the Proton x70. It has a sleeker and sharper front grille, LED headlights and taillights, dual-tone alloy wheels and a panoramic sunroof. The interior of the Proton x50 is also more spacious and comfortable than the Proton x70, with more legroom and headroom for both front and rear passengers. The Proton x50 also has a larger touchscreen infotainment system with voice command, navigation, smartphone connectivity and online music streaming features.

Thirdly, the Proton x50 has a more competitive price range than the Proton x70. The Proton x50 comes in four variants: Standard (RM 86,300), Executive (RM 93,200), Premium (RM 97,200) and Flagship (RM 103,300). The Proton x70 also comes in four variants: Standard (RM 98,800), Executive (RM 106800), Premium (RM 115800) and Premium X (RM 119800). As you can see, the difference between the lowest and highest variants of both models is about RM 17k. However, if you compare the features of each variant side by side, you will find that the Proton x50 offers more value for money than the Proton x70.

Therefore , if you are looking for an affordable , powerful , spacious , stylish , feature-packed compact SUV , you should choose the Proton X50 over Proton x70

Proton x50 Safety Features

1. Six (6) SRS Airbags

Deploys during a collision to protect and reduce the risk of injury.

2. Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

Improves vehicle stability in varying road and weather conditions by reducing understeer or oversteer.

3. Autonomous Emergency Brake (AEB)

Automatically brakes the vehicle to reduce the risk of injuries in potential frontal collisions.

4. Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with Stop and Go

Maintains safe distance from the vehicle ahead, up to the pre-set cruise control speed, even in stop and go traffic.

5. Intelligent Cruise Control (ICC)

Works with ACC to provide steering assistance to keep your vehicle in the centre of the lane.

6. Land Keep Assist (LKA)

Actively keeps your vehicle in the lane.

7. Lane Depature Warning (LDW)

Sends an alert when the vehicle unintentionally begins to drift out of the lane.

8. Blind Spot Information System (BLIS)

Monitors blind spots and alerts you when vehicles are nearby.

9. Intelligent High Beam Control (IHBC)

Automatically switches between low and high beams when there are oncoming or other vehicles nearby.

10. Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

Monitors real-time tyre pressure and temperature to provide peace of mind.

11. Auto Parking Assist (APA)

An intelligent and convenient self-parking system to help you ease into parking spots.

12. 360 Camera

Get a bird’s eye view of your surroundings as you park the vehicle.

Overview: Proton X50 vs Proton X70

BrandProton MalaysiaProton Malaysia
Off Road Price*RM 86,300Proton X50 PriceRM 98,800Proton X70 Price
VariantProton X50 1.5T StandardProton X70 1.5 Standard 2WD
User Rating4.38Proton X50 reviews4.2Proton X70 reviews
Fuel TypePetrolPetrol Cars in MalaysiaPetrolPetrol Cars in Malaysia
Available Color(s)   +2   +2
Vehicle TypeSUVSUV Cars in MalaysiaSUVSUV Cars in Malaysia

Key Features

Transmission TypeAutomaticDual Clutch
Seating Capacity5 Seats5 Seats
Power175 hp181 hp
Engine Displacement1477 cc1799 cc

Best Loan Offers

DP RM 17,300Installment : RM 896 x 84 MonthsVIEW MARCH OFFERSDP RM 19,800Installment : RM 1,026 x 84 MonthsVIEW MARCH OFFERS

Photo Comparision

X50 Front angle low viewProton X50 Front Medium View+30Proton X50 ImagesX70 Front angle low viewProton X70 Front Medium View+22Proton X70 Images
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